How to enhance your ash scattering service

Suggestions to enhance your ash scattering service


rice paperScattering your loved ones cremated is a unique memorial option. We strive to make every service we offer unique to the family we are servicing. In the 12 years of servicing families we have discovered several ways that can enhance the ash scattering service. Some of these options may interest you.


Be in radio contact with us.


Being in radio contact with us is a great way to enhance the ash scattering service. We are able to give you a count down for the release of the cremated remains. There is no extra charge for this, but you must come to us to pick up the radio.


Write a note on rice paper to be scattered with your loved one.


Many families want to say something special to their loved one. They can enhance their ash scattering service by writing a special note on rice paper. Rice paper is biodegradable and can be scattered with your loved one. This is an especially nice to touch when there is a memorial service prior to the ash scattering service. The rice paper can be made available at the memorial where family and friends can have the opportunity to write something special for their loved one. We will scatter the notes when we scatter your loved ones cremated remains at no extra cost.


Have a bouquet of balloons to release after the scattering


During a witnessed scattering it is always nice for us if the family witnessing from the ground can be identified. Having a bouquet of balloons in the deceased’s favorite color is a nice way for us to identify you. Some may chose to write a note on the balloon and then release it after the scattering.


Schedule a witnessed scattering at sunset.


Sunset is a special time of day. It can represent the sunset in life or just the beauty of nature. Enhance your ash scattering service by scheduling it at sunset. Many families that schedule witnessed scatterings at sunset make comments such as “He flew off into the sunset”.


Use the coordinates as a special memorial


After a scattering, we send a certificate showing the coordinates of the scattering. This is the latitude and longitude your loved one was set free. Enhance your ash scattering service by making a memorial out of these coordinates. One such way to have us order you a necklace with the coordinates so you can wear them close to your heart. We offer one necklace as a free gift with each of our witnessed scatterings. Click here for more information. We have been told by families that they used these coordinates in other jewelry or artwork.


Schedule a private scattering and come with us

Another way to enhance your ash scattering service is to come with us and participate in the scattering. This is only available on our private scattering option. You will be participating in the flight by performing one or several of the required jobs on board such as activating the scattering device, recording the coordinates, taking pictures, or location spotting. Please click here for further details.

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