Direct Cremation

Here at A Journey With Wings, we scatter cremated remains by airplane. Because of the nature our business we get many questions about direct cremation.

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is when the body goes directly to the crematory from the place of death, or from the morgue. It may make a short stop at a mortuary in order to obtain the death certificate, but not for much more than that. The body is not embalmed or dressed for a viewing. The body is not placed in a traditional casket. Instead, an “alternative cremation container”, probably made of cardboard or something similar, is used.

After the direct cremation. The cremated remains are then returned to the family, or in our case we pick them up from the crematory. Usually the cremated remains are returned in a plastic box, unless the family has purchased an urn from a mortuary. The family then can make arrangements for a memorial service and scattering.

Direct cremation is a good choice for a family that had a death occur in a distant location. It is far less expensive to ship cremated remains than a full body. This allows the family to have a memorial service in a location that they prefer.

Direct cremation also allows more time for the families to decide on a memorial date. Families that need to make travel arrangements can do so when it is more convenient. The memorial may be held with the cremated remains present or not present.

Direct cremation is also less expensive because there is no preparation of the body and no casket. Here in California prices for direct cremation range from around $00-1,500.

Many families that I work with report to me that they were able to give their loved one a wonderful inexpensive memorial that suited them and all in attendance by choosing direct cremation and cremated remains scattering by airplane. For example, they chose direct cremation from a local crematory that cost about $500. I picked up the cremated remains from the crematory for them. They scheduled a witnessed scattering at the local beach on a day and time that worked best for them. The cost for the scattering service is $500. They stood out on the beach and watched as their loved one was released by airplane. They brought helium balloons with them. Each person in attendance wrote a message on a balloon and released it after the scattering. So for about $1,000, they had a memorial that suited their loved one, got each family member and loved one in attendance involved and created a wonderful memory.

I hope this information helps. Please call if you have any questions. (562) 691-7227.

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