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At A Journey With Wings we have been scattering cremated remains by airplane for 10 years. We take pride in our professional, caring service. However, not everyone in the industry is. One of the things we have learned is that people are skeptical. Understandably so, it doesn’t take much of an internet search to come up with stories of how cremated remains were handled in less than a professional manner. While searching for articles for this story, I found a recent example that I thought was interesting. It was about an MMA star “Mask” who was cremated, his ashes were divided, but not the way the family wished:

Here’s where things get CRAZY — Carla says when she arrived to the memorial service, she noticed “various booths and tables” set up around the cathedral … one of which contained, “a large shoebox-size box containing several miniature vials that were on display.”

Carla says the vendor informed her, “each of the vials contained a small amount of the cremated remains of Mask, and were reserved for, and to be given to, ‘special people’ whose names were on a printed list.” http://www.tmz.com/2011/05/11/tapout-lawsuit-mma-cremation-mask-death-body-skyscrape-punkass-vials-ashes-remains-funeral-memorial-service/

Here at a Journey With Wings we are professionals. We are licensed and insured. We have worked with high profile celebrity cases, and they get the same treatment as all of our clients: reverent and dignified. Read more

If your desire is to have your loved one’s cremated remains split before being scattered, we would be honored to help you with this. Many of our clients choose to scatter only a portion of their

We want to assure our clients who might read articles like this that we take our job very seriously. We are licensed through the State of California as Cremated Remains Disposers, and have been inspected on several occasions. We carry $1,000,000 in professional liability insurance. We see to it that all laws are followed. We handle the cremated remains with the most care possible.

It is our goal to be as transparent as possible. For our un-witnessed scatterings, we invite families to the airport to verify we have their loved ones cremated remains, and watch us depart towards their chosen location. Families who wish to accompany the cremated remains on the flight and to the scattering location may do so on our private scattering flight. On this flight you can bring the cremated remains to the airport, be there as we load them into the scattering device, and operate the scattering device yourselves.

We know that this is an emotional time. We know you want to make sure your loved one is taken care of. Please do your homework. Work with only licensed professionals with experience. Check to make sure any company you work with has professional liability insurance. Only let the professionals handle the cremated remains. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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