Space Burial

I read an interesting article about the cremated remains of James Doohan being on board the SpaceX unmanned Dragon spacecraft, kind of like a space burial. Very fitting for Scotty from Star Trek.

Space burial is one of the many things that can be done with cremated remains. For some families it isn’t about where the remains end up, but how. In our business, we scattering cremated remains by airplane. Just like James Doohan’s family chose space burial, our families choose scattering by airplane for a reason. For some families it is about the location they are scattered, but for others it is about the flying. It is about the ashes being released into the wind. Many families choose this because their loved one had the joy of flight. Maybe they were a pilot, or a paratrooper, or just enjoyed being a passenger.

For whatever the reason, families are finding peace in choosing a unique way of saying goodbye and honoring their loved one’s memory. If you have any questions  please contact us.

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