Service Enhancements

Coordinates Necklace

alternate coordinate picture

Keep this special location close to your heart!

This aluminum pendant has the coordinates from your loved one’s ash-scattering service. The coordinates are hand hammered into this pendant, creating a unique and one-of-a-kind piece.

This pendant can be chosen as the memorial option for the private scattering service.

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Close by Me Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry Pendant

Do you want to scatter your loved one’s cremated remains, but feel you need to keep some close to you? Have you looked into keepsake urns or cremation jewelry, but haven’t found the piece that is elegant and feel you could wear daily? We would like you to consider making the cremated remains into jewelry by the artist at Close by Me.

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Photography and Videography


Would like to have your service remembered by professional photography or videography?

We can help. We can work with your photographer to get just the right timing. We can be in radio contact with your photographer or videographer. Contact us if you are in need of a photographer or videographer.

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Do you want to keep part of the cremated remains?

We are happy to help. We feel that one of benefits of cremation is that there are options to keep part of the cremated remains. We will file all the necessary paperwork, separate the cremated remains and load the keepsake you provide, or our keepsake. This package includes one keepsake urn that we provide. It is an elegant wooden round container that is packaged in a paper box made from an aerial chart. Cost $100 per keepsake.

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Have a service at the Witnessing location. A Celebrant is someone who is trained to assist families in organizing, coordinating, and presenting a Life Celebration Ceremony or Memorial Service that reflects the person’s unique character & personality.They are familiar with … Continue reading →




Rice Paper Notes

rice paper

Would you like to write a note to the deceased? You may do so by writing it on biodegradable rice paper. We will be happy to scatter your notes when we scatter your loved ones cremated remains.




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