Ash Scattering Service Packages

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Ash Scattering Service

At A Journey With Wings, we provide a personalized ash scattering service packages with locations and participation options that are unique while staying within your budget. We offer un-witnessed, witnessed, private, and pet ash scattering services.


Our un-witnessed ash scattering  service allows family and friends to gather at the airport with flowers and/or flower petals to be scattered along with the ashes. This scattering is completed within 60 days of receipt of the cremated remains and is done on a date and time of our choosing. You will be notified of the scheduled date with an invitation to the location of departure of your choice. Though more than one scattering will take place on this flight, each scattering is performed discretely and individually.
Ground Witnessing The witnessed ash scattering service is scheduled at a date and time of your choosing and allows for an unlimited number of friends and family to gather at the location in which the scattering will occur. This service creates a beautiful, lasting memory that brings closure with dignity and grace. All will view as he cremated remains are released into the air. The cremated remains are released into the air, and travel with the winds and then disappear. This flight can be coordinated to place with a memorial service on the ground.$250
Scattering Device With the private ash scattering service, only your loved ones cremated remains (ashes) will be taken on this flight. You also have the option to be be on board and perform the scattering of ashes yourself. We must work within the constraints of the FAA, therefore the sole purpose of the flight must be to scatter the cremated remains. We cannot take passengers just those who wish to be on board and participate in the scattering of ashes. Please contact us for more details.$800
Cremation Jewelry Pendant

Close by Me Cremation Jewelry

Do you want to scatter your loved one’s cremated remains, but feel you need to keep some close to you? Are you looking for a piece that is elegant and feel you could wear daily? We would like you to consider making the cremated remains into jewelry by the artist at Close by Me.
Close by Me isn’t your usual cremation jewelry. Traditional Cremation Jewelry holds the cremated remains inside a piece of jewelry. You cannot see it, and it is often bulky. Close by me is a different kind of Cremation Jewelry. The artist incorporates the cremated remains into the keepsake jewelry.
Through their patented process, the cremated remains are solidified. So the cremated remains themselves become the jewelry. The color of the piece depends on the color of the cremated remains.
Each piece of cremation jewelry is unique, and contains the actual cremated remains of your loved one, so you can keep them close by you.
Each member of the family can choose to have this special cremation jewelry. It only requires a small amount of the cremated remains. This is a great addition to a scattering service. Prices for this special keepsake jewelry start at $180 (mention your are working with us and receive a %10 discount) and can be found at
Most of our options are also available for your pet. Pets can be scattered alone, with other pets, or with their human companion. For high quality pet grave markers, pet urns, blankets, keepsake jewelry and pet portraits, online pet memorials (free) and pet grief support we recommend Peternity. If you are in need of cremation services for your pet, we recommend “Only Cremations for Pets, Inc.”.

We can provide a custom location if you have a location in mind that is not listed, we can assist you in getting permission for that location. We can perform our services anywhere we get written permission to do so, including State Parks, National Parks, Conservancies, National Forests, and private property. We must work within the constraints of the EPA, the FAA, Your State and Local Laws. Currently, the National Forest does not allow the scattering of cremated remains; However, most national forests contain private property located within their boundaries and arrangements can often be made to accommodate your request.



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