ash scattering paperwork

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at A Journey With Wings is to follow all laws and adhere to all regulations.  Navigating these laws and regulations as they relate to ash scattering can be quite the chore.  Not only are there FAA, EPA, and state laws, but there are also local laws.

Ash Scattering Paperwork

Here in California, cremated remains scattering  is very regulated.  One of the many requirements is  to have a permit to do the scattering known as a “disposition permit”.  I know the name sounds awful.  This permit is a state permit, but is issued by the County Health Department.  This permit reflects what you are doing with the remains and where they will be – whether you are keeping them at home, placing them in a cemetery, or scattering them.  It is illegal to scatter cremated remains without this permit.  You must also scatter in the location that is on the permit.  The permit must be signed by the person doing the scattering and forwarded to the appropriate  Health Departments within 10 days.

At A Journey With Wings we obtain all the ash scattering paperwork.  We will obtain this permit and any other necessary permits on your behalf.  In order to do this, we may need you to fill out and sign some paperwork.  We will walk in to the Health Department to obtain the Disposition Permit on your behalf.

Once the scattering is complete, we complete the disposition permit and mail the copies the appropriate Health Departments.  We also notify the EPA about the scattering.

We are here to help.  If you have any questions about ash scattering paperwork, or ash scattering permits, please contact us at (562) 691-7227.

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