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I read this fantastic article about end of life planning. I thought I would share it with you. I understand that end of life planning is not a topic that anyone really wants to talk about, but the fact is we are all going to pass away at some point, and we can make it easier on our loved ones if we plan ahead.

There are a few things you need to address when end of life planning. The three main things are: What to do if you are ill or incapacitated, arranging what happens when you die, and organizing your accounts.

End of life planning starts with choosing what you want to happen if you are ill or incapacitated. For example, do you want to be resuscitated or put on life support or dialysis? When the time comes, you may not be able to make those decisions. A living will or advance health care directive outlines your wishes and is essential to end of life planning. Here is a link to a sample advance health care directive.

And in addition to your advance health care directive, you may want to designate a power of attorney as part of your end of life planning. This is someone who can make financial and legal decisions on your behalf.

The second thing in end of life planning will be what happens when you pass away. Two things to consider are your last will and testament and your funeral arrangements. Wills can be simple or complicated, depending on your assets. Simple wills may be arranged at low cost via internet sites or a paralegal. For a more complicated will, or if you want to make sure that things are done properly, you should consult with an attorney. For more information on California Wills, check out this site.

No end of life planning is complete without planning ahead for your funeral or memorial. This can be done in a few ways. You can make things easier for your loved ones by documenting your wishes in your will or by just writing your wishes down and placing that document with your other important papers. I have made up a wish card  for my clients that they can fill out and place with their important documents. You can even plan ahead and pay for your memorial with your funeral director. This is called a pre-need funeral arrangement, and most every mortuary offers this service. It is also available at an animal hospital in Mission Viejo.

The third thing you want to consider when end of life planning is to organize all of your personal accounts and put that information in one location that is easily accessible. This includes your life insurance policies, bank account information, loans, retirement accounts, and anything else someone may need to access upon your death. This may also include your digital life, such as passwords for important on-line accounts.

There is a lot to think about when doing end of life planning. Nobody enjoys doing it, but end of life planning can make things much easier for your loved ones. And you will know that things will be handled the way you would like.

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  1. The funeral is for abynody who feels they knew him well enough to want to pay their last respects. You certainly don’t have to go, but only you know how well you knew him, and only you know how close you are to your friend.When my father died, there were DOZENS of people there who weren’t even distant family; they just all wanted to be there. I’d say if you don’t feel you ought to be there, then you shouldn’t go, but don’t not go just because you think funerals are more for family they aren’t.If you’re worried about the funeral, not sure what to do or how to behave, don’t be: it’s recognised that many people at a funeral may never have been at a similar service, and the minister or whoever will tell you all when to sit or stand or pray or sing. BTW, you shouldn’t assume you’ll sit with your friend: unless she or her parents actually ask you to join them, they will normally sit at the front in seats reserved for the family, and you should just find a seat halfway back.If you do go, wear decent darkish clothing, no need to be in deep black, and just do what everybody else does. You don’t have to go: but you might be glad later if you do.Take tissues and wear waterproof mascara.

  2. I don’t think it would be correct to go to the wake if you have not atteednd the funeral. Perhaps the best thing would be to ask your best friend if they want you to be there for support at each of the events and go with that. Personally I would be more likely to go to the funeral and not the wake than the other way around, you know, if I could only attend one and I had to choose. Otherwise I would do both.

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