How to Make Arrangements

Making Arrangements at Time of Need

1.    Contact us for pricing and availability To ensure that the arrangements go smoothly, we request that you contact us to verify pricing and availability of the scattering service you desire. Call us at (562) 691-7227 or e-mail (use button).

2.    “Authorization to Scatter Form” Tanabe Flying Services can e-mail, fax, or mail you the Authorization to Scatter Form TSS-001. Please contact us by email or phone to receive this form. This form gives us permission to perform the scattering for your loved one.

3.    If we need to get a new burial permit … All Cremated remains come with a Burial Permit. This permit states where the Cremated Remains are going to be. If you have the cremated remians at home, the permit most likely says you are keeping them at your residence. We will need to get a new permit stating that they are going to be scattered and where. If the death just occured, we can work with your mortuary to get the permit issued for the scattering.

4.    Arrange for delivery of the cremated remains (ashes) to Tanabe Flying Services (To mail cremated remains (ashes)) Please make arrangements to hand deliver or send the cremated remains (ashes) via mail. For cases in the immediate L.A. area we can arrange to pick them up. There may be a small fee for this. For instruction on mailing cremated remains (ashes), please go to the FAQ Section.

5.    We will verify all paperwork is correct or we will obtain the correct paperwork. Once the cremated remains (ashes) are in our posession we will verify that all paperwork is correct. We will make any arrangements to get any needed permits or make any necessary changes for no additional charge.

6.    For a non-witnessed scattering we will notify you of the scheduled date of the scattering. After we have verified the paperwork is correct, we will make arrangements for the scattering. You will be notified by mail of the scheduled date. This is usually between one and three weeks after receipt. You will be invited to the airport to witness the take off for no additional charge. You will have the opportunity to say any final words or deliver any flower petals that you wish to have scattered along with the cremated remains (ashes).

7.    For a “Enhanced” or “Golden” Journeys, we will contact you to arrange a date for the scattering that is convenient for you. You will be contacted by telephone to make arrangements for the scattering date. We recommend that you choose a time that is between mid-day and sunset. This allows us the best opportunity for clear skies.

8.    After the scattering is complete… We will send a certificate that commemorates the scattering. It will have the date, time, latitude, longitude and altitude the scattering took place. Click here to view a sample certificate. If you would like any additional certificates please make arrangements prior to the scattering. Each additional certificate is $10. The certificate will come in a hard plastic covering for mailing purposes. It can be displayed in this plastic, or it can be removed and put into your own display.

9.    We will complete all necessary paperwork for you. We will send in all  completed forms that the state of California and the US EPA require. For the deceased that had a death certificate issued in California and had the place of disposition changed on the Burial Permit, we will send you a form to sign that will allow you to change the stated place of disposition on the Death Certificate.
Making Pre-Arranagements

It is comforting for your loved ones to know what your wishes are when you pass away. Unfortunately, we are unable to make arrangements prior to a death. Please submit the following “Wish Form” and we will send you a document to place in your trust.

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