Home Safety For The Elderly

If you or someone you know is over the age of 65 and living at home, there are things you can do to prevent injury. Adding safety precautions to a home does not mean you or the person living in the home should not live there anymore. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Home Safety For The Elderly

Take these tips into consideration as you get older and plan to live in a home with no assistance. It is a good idea to add these precautions to your home or lifestyle before an incident occurs. Do not wait until after you or your loved one is hurt and think about Southern California funeral services at the earliest time before you take action.

  • Stairs and steps– Avoid a home with stairs. As you get older and pick a place to settle down, stay away from somewhere with steps. Incidences such as tripping, passing out, fainting, or just being clumsy are possibilities as you get older. Falling down a flight of stairs can make it worse. What may be worse than stairs, are random steps in a home. They are easy to forget about and hard to see. Do not take the chance.
  • Railings– Another tip is to place railings around your home. Maybe the most important place to install a railing is in the shower. Incase you do fall, have a railing there to help you stand up. It will also be there incase you start to slip. Other places that you might want to consider placing railings are by your bed, next to the toilet, and in the laundry room.
  • Security System– You may also want to look into having a security system around your home. The older you get, the harder it is to defend yourself and move quick. Install a trustworthy and easy to use security system that will contact the police right away if an incident occurs. If you do decide to get a security system make sure you are getting a good deal. Security systems are usually negotiable and have different payment plans.
  • Neighbors– Another safety tip for the elderly living at home is to get to know your neighbors. Let them know of your current condition and medical health and Santa Ana wellness. Ask them to check on you periodically. Do not be afraid to ask them for help when certain tasks around the house may be too risky or strenuous for you.
  • Portable Alarm System– Depending on how severe your condition may be, consider wearing around an alert system at all times. Even if you wear around the alarm for 5 years without using it, you will never know when it could save your life. There are many different options for the portable alarm systems. Necklaces, armbands, or a keychain are some of the most popular systems. Choose the option that will work best and be most convenient for you.

Living at home as you get older can be risky but if it is still possible and something that you want, take the necessary precautions to help your safety. Enjoy your home sweet home safe and sound.

Written by Jenna, a homemaker, marketing specialist, and freelance writer for Udall Shumway.

Credits: Image from Flicker.

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