A Great Time of Year for Ash Scattering Over the Mountains

A great time of year to scatter over the Mountains!


Sequoia1Late winter is a great time of year to scatter ashes over the mountains. Late winter usually brings clear skies, good flying conditions, and picturesque, snow capped mountains.The perfect combination for a beautiful ash scattering flight. 


The haze is gone! At least most of it anyway. The high pressure system that locks in the haze during the summer time  is replaced by a low pressure system that lifts and cleans the air. Outside of the occasional winter storm that passes through, the sky is blue and clean.


Airplanes love cool air. When the air is cool it is also thicker (heat expands, cool contracts). Airplanes can fly higher in the cooler, thicker air. This makes it easier access those higher terrain ash scattering locations.


The snow-capped mountains are so pretty. The earlier winter storms have left snow covered peaks. Since it is still cool, the snow has not yet melted. This allows us to get great photos of the scattering locations..  Since it has been a dryer than normal winter, some of our local mountains do not have snow. The Sierra Nevada’s have some nice snow capped peaks. Consider an ash scattering over Sequoia or Kings Canyon National Park. Please call if you have any questions about mountain locations. (800) 407-6401 

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