Gift Ideas For The Elderly

Thinking of a gift for the elderly can be difficult. It might take more thought and even a little bit of creativity. The elderly are usually not interested in the latest and greatest technology, do not care too much for new clothes, and are not able to get out enough to use gift cards. The “go-to” gifts that we often give, do not appeal to them.

gift for the elderlyWhen gifting to the elderly, it is important to remember that it does not take much for them to be appreciative and happy. Just like anyone else, they enjoy receiving gifts, but the gifts do not need to be as elaborate. Keep the gifts simple, from the heart, and try to add sentimental value.


As we grow older it is common we lose weight and body fat, making it harder for our bodies to stay warm. Give a blanket to an elderly loved one and it will get put to good use. Try to find a material they will find comfortable and choose a bright color that might evoke happiness. If you have the talent or ability, make a blanket to give as a gift to add a sentimental touch.


Slippers are also a great idea! Slippers will keep them warm and are also convenient for them. Try to find slippers that are easy to take on and off to help the elderly avoid bending down. Having a cozy pair of shoes is great for walking around their home, taking out the garbage, walking around a nursing home or a Huntington Beach health center, or just lounging on the couch.

Reading Material

Provide reading material as a gift. Reading will help the elderly exercise their brain and along with providing entertainment for them. A gift that keeps on giving is a magazine prescription. Also, try to find a book series they would enjoy and gift the whole series. If they enjoy reading novels by a specific author, gift them books written by that author or books by authors with similar writing styles.


Print out pictures of their family, their kids and grandkids, pictures from their childhood, or any pictures that will bring them joy. Printing pictures is inexpensive and fast. If you can, find picture frames to place the pictures in. This way, the pictures can sit on their nightstand, an end table, or a fire mantle. Pictures are a great gift for anyone but especially the elderly who hold their family and previous memories so dear.

A Hobby

Give your elderly loved ones a hobby. Try gifting them puzzles, art supplies, knitting tools, crossword puzzles, board games, a chess set, a tennis racket, or a bowling bowl. Anything that will keep them active mentally or physically and keep them busy is a great gift.

As you try to think of gifts for an elderly loved one, do not stress. Just keep the gift practical, useful, simple, and thoughtful. They will love it! Even gifts such as handwritten notes, homemade artwork, or even a visit with them will brighten their day and improve their well-being. Ultimately, it’s thought that counts.

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