Dennis Philip Crosby

Dennis Crosby

Dennis Crosby, fighter pilot

My family was always very proud of my brother, Dennis. I can always remember growing up from a very early age that he was going to be a pilot. His passion was always flying and anything to do with aviation. He served in the U.S. Air Force and California Air National Guard as a fighter pilot. After retiring from the military and Northrup his other passion was golf. He excelled at both flying and golf. His military friends and golf buddies have told me that my brother had high standards and a strong moral code of conduct. One of his friends also told me that Dennis considered himself a “a good egg.” When I relayed that message to one of his golf buddies he replied, “Dennis wasn’t a good egg, he was a great egg.” He left this world just before his 62nd birthday and whenever I see the F-15 fighter jets flying overhead I always think of my brother. I imagine that he is up in heaven flying his fighter jets and playing golf.

I felt the most appropriate way to honor my brother was to have an aerial burial for him and scatter his ashes on the southern California coastline where he lived.

Update: Dennis Crosby was scattered by airplane off the coast Los Angeles County by his family with assistance from A Journey With Wings in August.

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