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Close by Me Cremation Jewelry

Close By Me Cremation Jewelry

Do you want to scatter your loved one’s cremated remains, but feel you need to keep some close to you? Have you looked into keepsake urns or cremation jewelry, but haven’t found the piece that is elegant and feel you could wear daily? We would like you to consider making the cremated remains into jewelry by the artist at Close by Me.

Close by Me isn’t your usual cremation jewelry. Traditional Cremation Jewelry holds the cremated remains inside a piece of jewelry. You cannot see it, and it is often bulky. Close by me is a different kind of Cremation Jewelry. The artist incorporates the cremated remains into the keepsake jewelry.

Through their patented process, the cremated remains are solidified. So the cremated remains themselves become the jewelry. The color of the piece depends on the color of the cremated remains.

These are hand-crafted pieces of art, made by an artist. Each piece of cremation jewelry is unique, and contains the actual cremated remains of your loved one, so you can keep them close by you.

Each member of the family can choose to have this special cremation jewelry. It only requires a small amount of the cremated remains. This is a great addition to a scattering service. Prices for this special keepsake jewelry start at $180 and can be found at

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