Cremation is popular

It is hard to believe that just half a century ago, only 4% of deaths in the US resulted in cremation. Now, cremation is popular and occurs in half of all deaths in the US, according to the Cremation Association of North America.

Cremation isĀ  popular for many reasons. First, cremation is less expensive than a traditional burial. Cremation with a memorial service on average costs $3,250, while a traditional burial with a memorial service can cost $7,045, According to Cremation in America. The price goes down even further if the family chooses direct cremation and scattering. Direct cremation, can cost between $495-$1,200. A scattering can start as low as $250.00. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding cost and locations.

Another reason cremation is popular is that people are becoming more spread out and have moved away from their families. Historically, people would be buried in their hometowns where people would come to the grave site. Nowadays families are spread out, not affording people the convenience of visiting a grave site.

Cremation is customizable. Families can choose many different options for cremated remains. They can be put into jewelry, scattered by airplane over beautiful locations, and divided up among family members.

What does the future hold for cremation. Who knows, probably more options. But one can be certain, it is popular, and will probably continue to be.

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