Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make arrangements?

Please call us at (800) 407-6401 to verify location availability and pricing. We will e-mail you the paperwork required. Once the paperwork is complete, we can schedule the scattering. Then we can make arrangements for pick-up, delivery or shipment of the cremated remains. If the scattering is to be witnessed we will discuss with you the best options, and locations for witnessing.

How much does it cost?

Our prices start at $250. The price range for our service is about the price range of purchasing an urn. Our prices are dependent on the distance and the plane we need to use.

Do I contact you before or after the cremation has taken place?

We can work with you at any stage. If you have already selected a crematory, we can work with them to make sure that the paperwork has the proper information for a scattering. If you already have the cremated remains in your possession, than we will re-file the paperwork to get scattering permits. If a death has occurred or is imminent, and you have not selected a crematory, please contact us; we can help you select a low cost crematory, or a full service funeral home of your choice.

If I choose cremation and scattering does this mean we can’t have a funeral?

Absolutely not! The scattering is just the final disposition similar to placing the cremated remains in an urn or burring the body. You can still have a full service funeral or memorial service. Many families choose to have a traditional memorial service followed by a scattering service. Others choose to have the memorial service right there on location where the scattering is going to take place. It is a farewell that all in attendance will remember and be touched by.


May I be participate in the scattering flight?

Yes! You can participate in the scattering of ashes. The FAA has some pretty strict guidelines we must adhere to. The sole purpose of the flight will be to scatter the cremated remains, we are not allowed to take passengers for the sake of just flying, but you may be on board to perform some of the tasks required for the scattering.  Because each flight is different, the necessary tasks will vary. One of the  tasks required on each flight is to operate the scattering device. Because of the privacy of our other clients, this can only be done on a private scattering flight. Please contact us to discuss it further.

How does the cost compare to other memorial services?

For about the price of an urn, you can release your loved one with this very special farewell. The scattering can take the place of the memorial service or be done in addition to a traditional funeral or memorial service.

Can I choose my own location?

Yes! However, we must work within the constraints of the EPA, the FAA, Your State and Local Laws. For example, here in California, we are required to have written permission from the land owner or governing agency of the location we will be scattering over. We will make every attempt to get the permission for your desired location, or something very close. If you would like help in determining a location, please visit our locations page.

Can you scatter family members together?

Yes! There are laws with strict guidelines we must follow to “co-mingle” cremated remains.

Can you scatter my pet?

Yes! we offer services for your pet. You can also be scattered along with your pet, however there are strict guidelines we must follow. For pet memorial products, please visit: Peternity.


Can we keep part of the ashes?

Yes! We can scatter just a portion of the cremated remains. If you would like to purchase a keepsake urn, or other memorial products, please visit: Cremations Solutions.`

I am a pilot, can you show me how to do this myself?

Yes! But please don’t try this without knowing how to do it or without the right equipment.  We have all heard the stories of how it can go terribly wrong.  With the consultation service I will handle all the paperwork for you as well. If you are a commercial pilot, and want to start an scattering business, I can offer you a business consultation as well.

How do I mail cremated remains?

The US Postal Service is the only carrier that will mail cremated remains. Please mail cremated remains via Priority Mail Express. They must be labeled as cremated remains and shipped with an inner container, placed in an outer container (we recommend the free Priority Express Box).  Please check the “signature required” box on the mailing label. For more information on how to mail cremated remains Read more here.

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