Comparing Over 50s Life Insurance Online

There are many people who start to consider taking out life insurance policies when they hit the age of 50.  For some reason, the half-century mark is a milestone that many consider as the right time to start planning for the future.  There are many online websites that help consumers compare over-50s life insurance and find the best deals.

For the most part, over-50s life insurance plans include the following general guidelines:

  • There are no medical interviews or screenings required to qualify for a policy.
  • There is guaranteed coverage for those between the ages of 50 and 80.
  • There is a fixed, lump sum paid out upon death after 12 months of cover.
  • After the age of 90, the insured no longer has to pay premiums.
  • The pay out can be used to pay off debt, gift loved ones, cover funeral services expenses, and contribute to the mortgage.

Providers may also have their own restrictions or guidelines in addition to the ones that generally apply.  More information about various policies can be found on the comparison websites.

At, highly reputable companies are compared for cheap home insurance.  Known as the “first price comparison website in the UK,” also allows consumers to compare car insurance, as well as utilities and credit cards.

In  2002, started off as a place for consumers to find car insurance, but by 2005, it quickly expanded to include other kinds of insurance.  Today, insurance cover can be purchased through for homes, life, motorbikes, caravans, pets, vans, and travel.

Consumers can shop for over-50s, 60s, or 70s life insurance on  In addition to the basic plan, there are add-on options that consumers can consider as they request for a quote using the simple-to-use form starting at

In order to get a quote, consumers have to enter some basic information and options come up for analysis.  More information about each plan can be accessed and analysed for informed decisions.

Consumers looking for over-50s life insurance can easily compare prices at  The comprehensive website compares prices between the top 50 life insurance providers in the UK.

At, no information needs to be entered for estimated costs to pop up on a visually friendly spreadsheet and comparisons can easily be made.  Consumers can dig deeper into each plan if they need more information.

A popular life insurance comparison website, provides the consumer opportunities to compare life insurance plans.  This comparison company prides itself in putting its customers first.  They do not cold call and will never sell their clients’ names.

At, consumers are required to enter a small amount of detailed information before quotes or estimates are presented.  The website also allows consumers to compare other types of insurance, including travel, pet, Huntington Beach home, and car cover.

The “Non-comparists” or non-conformists

Aside from the big comparison websites on the Internet, there are a couple of notable life insurance providers for consumers to consider when comparing plans.  These are worth the time added to the research process as they provide quality cover for affordable prices.

  • Aviva offers consumers a Guaranteed Lifelong Protection plan, which provides cover for those between the ages of 50 and 80.  Their comprehensive website provides consumers with information that outlines the plan’s terms, guidelines, and restrictions.  There are discounts available to new customers who have a no-claims history.
  • Direct Line offers consumers options to suit their life insurance needs.  There are many options for people to choose from.  Extensive information can be found on their website, answering questions consumers may have about life insurance.

Looking for life insurance is not an easy task.  It is best for people to take their time and research their options carefully before jumping into a plan.  After a plan is in place, it is wise to review the terms and cover regularly to make sure it still serves its purpose.  Personal financial situations change frequently and may require consumers to make changes along the way. Preparing for the best funeral services in Orange County is also necessary.

With comparison websites on the Internet, it is easy for people to quickly look for deals, discounts, and other offers that make life insurance affordable.  As people approach the age of 50 and begin to consider the futures of their loved ones, life insurance is certainly something that creeps into their minds.

Laura Ginn appreciates that the best way to find a great price on a new insurance policy is to perform an insurance comparison online. Find out more about comparing prices at the UK’s leading online price comparison site.

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