Popular Sea Scattering Locations


Point Fermin Light House.
Palos VerdesMy favorite location to recommend to families. This is a majestic location. Standing in front of the Light house families will have a view of the Orange County coast to the east, Catalina island to the south, and the Channel Islands to the west. The light house is located in Angel’s Gate Park (a fitting name).This location is easy to find because it is at the end of Gaffey Street. There is plenty of free parking, and even a park for the kids to play.



The Santa Monica Pier
SMO3This location is an iconic California Land Mark. This is a popular location for scattering of ashes for those that live in West Los Angeles.  The location is located within the airspace of the Santa Monica Airport, so ash scattering flights are coordinated with Air Traffic Control.



malibuaerialScattering at sea off the coast of Malibu is a popular location. Families like to witness the ash scattering from the pier or from one of the many beautiful beaches, such as Zuma Beach.




Laguna Beach
LagunaScattering of ashes at sea off the coast of Laguna Beach is a popular location. The scenery is beautiful, and there are many wonderful locations to choose from.




Huntington Beach Pier.

huntington_flippedOne of our more popular locations for scattering ashes. Many families like to gather at the end of the pier to watch the scattering. Watch as surfers ride, seals swim and dolphins jump. This makes a wonderful location for families to return to remember their loved one. May we recommend to have lunch or dinner after at Duke’s Restaurant.



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