How To Choose The Best Housing For Your Elderly Relative

When you have already made the mutual decision to move your elderly relative from their own home into care accommodation, you will have also decided that you want to find the best housing option possible that has the highest benefits for your family member.

Family members that are looking at housing options for older individuals may feel overwhelmed with information when visiting and researching potential properties, but this can be prevented by planning in advance and assessing your relative’s needs prior to visiting homes-

Set a Clear Budget

Having a clear financial budget will help to simplify your search as it will eliminate properties whose prices are not flexible. Prior to visiting any homes, work out how much you can afford to pay a month, and see whether your relative is eligible for any government allowances and grants that will help your accommodation costs.

Whilst working out finance, it may also be beneficial to compile a list of requirements, such as whether meals are provided, what size room is desired, Carlsbad Real Estate For Sale, whether residents are allowed to bring large personal belongings such as furniture and televisions, and what level of care they require, including Laguna Hills Hair Stylists

Decide what Level of Care is Needed

When deciding on what style of care home you move your loved one into, you want to make sure that they move into happy accommodation that offers the right level of care. If you pick a home that offers a level of care that is unsuitable for your relative, then you may find that your family member is restricted in their social options and daily life. Choosing a home that offers an appropriate level of care is vital to ensure that your elderly relative continues to live a happy, fulfilled life. There are two main options of housing for the elderly that offer different levels of care-

Residential Care-

Residential care homes offer a high level of assisted living, with care workers helping elderly residents with all aspects of their daily life. A residential care home will help its occupants’ complete daily tasks that they are no longer capable of completing alone, with carers administering medicine and helping residents with basic tasks such as dressing and using the bathroom.

Supported Sheltered Accommodation-

This type of home offers a lower level of care than residential, allowing residents to live as independently as possible, but still offers the help and support that older people may need to feel safe and secure in their environment. Supported sheltered accommodation is the perfect solution for housing for older people that still want to remain active but will enjoy the companionship of other residents and the comfort of prepared meals.

Talk to Existing Residents

There is no doubt that you will want your family member to feel content with the move and to be able to successfully settle into their new home, meaning that you will want to choose a home whose residents are happy and comfortable with their lives and surroundings.

When visiting accommodation, interact with the staff, residents and relatives to gage how the atmosphere of the home feels and to see whether it will be the best new home for your family member. If your relative is able to join you in the viewings, then allow them to chat to the residents and staff to see whether they feel comfortable doing so.

Beth Stubbings works for Abbeyfield. She thinks that finding the right care home for your elderly family member is important to ensure that they continue to feel safe, secure and comfortable.

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