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a-journey-with-wingsCheap Funeral

In today’s economy many families are looking for a way to have a cheap funeral that is also meaningful. A cheap funeral doesn’t have to feel cheap or look cheap.

Here at a Journey with Wings we scatter cremated remains by airplane.  Our service is a way to have a cheap funeral that is unique, beautiful, and memorable.

We consider ourselves to be a cheap funeral option because the cost for our service is a fraction of a traditional funeral, and so much more memorable. A basic, traditional funeral in California costs about $10,000, not a cheap funeral. This includes the prep fees, the casket and the cemetery plot etc. Our cheap funeral service is about one tenth of that. The cost of a direct cremation with a simple cremation casket is about $500 to $600.  Our most popular service, a witnessed scatter at sea, is $500. So for about $1100 you will give your loved one and all in attendance a very meaningful farewell.

Our service does not appear to be a cheap funeral. In our witnessed scattering at sea your family and friends gather at a beach location of your choice in Los Angeles or Orange County, at the day and time chosen by you. Some families will choose to have a small memorial service right there at the location. We will circle overhead at that special time to signal we are ready; we then perform the scattering right in front of you. The cremated remains make an elegant twist as they leave the plane. All in attendance will be moved as the cremated remains disappear into the wind. This cheap funeral appears to be anything but cheap.

If you have any questions about this cheap funeral option or any of our other services, please contact us at any time.

2 Comments on “Cheap funeral

  1. I have a death certificate authorizing burial at sea, LA county only.
    I have a quote for scattering only, unattended, but he wants the ashes to be mailed.
    I prefer to drop off.
    His quote is $85.
    I need to drop off the ashes on January 4 – morning or early afternoon.
    Can you match this and let me drop off the ashes at your office?

    • HI John. I cannot match that price for an un-witnessed scattering at sea by airplane. Respectfully, Jamie

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