Ceremony for Scattering Ashes At A Journey With Wings, we offer several options for a Ceremony for Scattering Ashes. The Ceremony for Scattering Ashes can be the actual scattering event or could be a ceremony that takes place before or after the ash scattering flight.   Our witnessed scattering service offers several opportunities for, Read More

It is hard to believe that just half a century ago, only 4% of deaths in the US resulted in cremation. Now, cremation is popular and occurs in half of all deaths in the US, according to the Cremation Association of North America. Cremation is  popular for many reasons. First, cremation is less expensive, Read More

Ash Scattering Santa Monica Pier. One of our most popular locations for scattering ashes is in front of the Santa Monica Pier. This is an iconic California location. I can see why. With the iconic Boardwalk with rides and games and surfers beach goers all around. Most families who choose ash scattering in front, Read More

Ash Scatterig in Malibu

Ash Scattering in Malibu This past week we had two requests for ash scattering in Malibu. The weather has been gorgeous, so both went really well.   One of the families witnessed the ash scattering in Malibu from Malibu Bluffs Park. It is a gorgeous location that makes for a great place to witness, Read More

The History of the Christmas Light This beautiful Christmas tradition is something that many Americans look forward to viewing. Whether you decorate your house to make Clark Griswold jealous or you just like to view beautifully decorated houses, there is no mistaking that decorating with Christmas lights is a phenomenon. But how did this, Read More

Winter Solstice marks the beginning of winter and is the shortest day of the year. Sunset times are early in the winter, allowing a sunset scattering to be early, even before dinner, allowing your family time to gather for a meal after the scattering.

Ash Scatterig in Malibu

Malibu Ash Scattering   We had an amazing ash scattering flight off the coast of Malibu yesterday. The air was clear, the water was blue, amazing.   The family was standing at Malibu Bluff Park to Witness the scattering. Malibu Bluff Park is right in front of Pepperdine University. The University made for a, Read More

Ash scattering Catalina Island

Ash Scattering Catalina Island- This weekend we had the most amazing ash scattering flight. The ash scattering was to take place at sea off the coast of Catalina Island. More specifically, off the coast of Two Harbors. The family chose the private scattering service, ash such, a family member could be on board as, Read More

Ash Scattering Paperwork The other day I went to the Orange County Health Department to obtain a new Burial Permit for a Client. I was surprised to find a widow waiting. She was obtaining her own Burial Permit for an ash scattering. She was having her husband’s ashes scattered at sea by a local, Read More

Ash Scattering over Disneyland   “Can you scatter my loved one’s ashes over Disneyland?” This is a question we get a lot.  Understandably, many people have wonderful memories of Disneyland.  Many people wish to have their ashes scattered in a place that is meaningful to them and a place their families can return to, Read More