Caring For The Elderly: Tips For Celebrating With The Special Senior In Your Life

There is someone special on Valentine’s Day who needs your love and attention. This person is beautiful, intelligent, kind, fun to spend time with, and will set your heart aflutter. You’ll never feel happier than when you’re close to him or her.

This person is not some clichéd handsome prince or cute girl. And to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them does not mean cards, flowers, chocolate and trite romantic platitudes.

This person—people—are the elders in your life. Whether you live with them, near them, or they’re in a nursing home, Orange county wellness center or care facility, there is every reason in the world to show them how much you love them on Valentine’s Day; and not just then, do it more often!

Below are some special things you can do with your elderly loved one. Remember: above all, your companionship and that of your family (especially grandchildren) is the non-negotiable. It is precisely the thing they need the most.

  1. Tips For Celebrating With The Special Senior In Your LifePlan a special meal. You can take them to their favorite restaurant, or host a family Valentine’s Day dinner at your home. Take into account their favorite foods and meal traditions that hold significance for them. Alternatively, you could put together an event at their care facility/nursing home, perhaps an ice cream social or dessert tasting. Try to involve their friends and neighbors. Always check with the caregivers on dietary restrictions and rules.
  2. Plan an outing. Your elderly loved ones probably don’t get many opportunities to get out once in a while and enjoy some sunshine or fresh air. As health conditions permit, go to the beach or have a picnic outside. Take them to a favorite park, river or fishing spot. Help them reconnect with nature or with the cities and neighborhoods they love.
  3. Plan a date. Did you think romance was dead in the golden years? Absolutely not!  Your elderly parents may have been together for 30 or 40 years. Or else, your widowed grandmother may have a gentleman caller in the same care facility where she resides.  Strap on your wings and bow and arrows, Cupid—plan them a special romantic date! Be their chauffeur for the night, and give them the gift of theater tickets or dinner at a nice restaurant.
  4. Gifts with a personal touch. You’ll find that as people get older, they’ll care less about fancy gifts and the latest technology. They will however, appreciate simple and thoughtful gifts involving cherished memories and beloved family. Photo albums, scrapbooks, handmade crafts are all things an elderly person close to you appreciates.
  5. Remember the caregivers. Another way to spread Valentine’s Day love is to show your appreciation for caregivers.  These are the professionals who provide your elderly loved ones with all of their needs, in a compassionate and giving manner. Giving them a gift card, a night off or other tokens of appreciation is letting them know how much their work on your beloved’s behalf means to them.

Finally, it could be that you don’t have an elderly person in your life. How about making Valentine’s Day special for a new friend? There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at your local nursing home or elder care facility. Rather than thinking about their age and how to prepare for their Los Angeles funeral services expense, spend time and money to make them happy while they still live.

Alex is a writer at The Law Offices of W.T. Johnson in Dallas, Texas. He wants to plan something special this Valentine’s Day for his grandmother.

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