Can We Come With?

At A Journey With Wings we scatter cremated remains by airplane.  “Can we come with?” is a question we get a lot.

Many people are comforted by being preset when the scattering of their loved one takes place and to know that their hand is the one that sends their loved on their final journey. Being onboard the aircraft also allows the family to have on last chance to say good-bye and provides a sense of closure not felt with other scattering methods.

One of the services we offer is to allow the family to perform the scattering service themselves.  The family will perform some of the tasks that are necessary for their own scattering flight.  These tasks might include operating the scattering device, recording coordinates, spotting the location, and operating recording equipment.  Because each scattering is unique, the necessary tasks may vary.

These flights are performed in our twin-engine Piper Aztec airplane.  Our patented scattering equipment used on this plane is designed to be easy to operate. Any member of the family can perform the release. We have had clients from ages 12 to 92 years old operate the device.  The process is reverent and dignified and does not directly expose the participants to the cremated remains. This plane can accommodate up to four persons who wish to participate.

The sole purpose of the flight is to scatter your loved one’s cremated remains.  The plane will take off and land at the same airport. In other words, we can’t take passengers, just those involved in performing the scattering.

Because of the sensitive nature of scatterings, and to protect privacy of our clients, our private scattering flights are arranged such that only the cremated remains of your loved-one are taken and released on this special flight.

I hope this information helps.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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