Why Can Counselling Help Going Through Bereavement

The loss of a loved one is probably one of the worst things that one can have to go through. Other than thinking about the expenses for Los Angeles funeral services.It leaves us with such empty, confused feelings inside. A feeling that may be hard to explain. Bereavement is the technical word for this feeling, it is a word that you can only fully understand once you have gone through it.

If you or someone close to you is going through bereavement you may want to consider counseling. If you live in or near Surrey you can count on us as local specialists in bereavement counseling, we can help you understand what is going on inside and how to cope with it. It will help you to understand that there are four stages to the bereavement process that most people go through. The first step in coping with these stages is to understand them.

Bereavement counselors are specially trained to deal with and help those who are grieving, they will patiently listen to you as you try to express what you are feeling. You will not have to worry about being judged or criticized as you pour out your feelings. The counselors will not try to tell you what you are feeling or what you should be feeling, they will simply listen and guide you safely through the grieving stages that you need to go through.

The counselors know all to well the importance of being easy on yourself while you are bereaving. They also know that everyone is different and unique, there are guidelines and similarities between most people, however, only you know what you are feeling. For some people it is rather easy to move on, however, for others it seems impossible. For both extremes and everything in between a counselor can really make a big difference!

As we previously mentioned there are four basic stages to the bereavement process. We will briefly go over these four stages, however, keep in mind that not everyone goes through these stages in the same order or to the same degree.

Stage One: Denial

Accepting the loss of a loved one is usually the hardest part of the bereavement process. Even though you know that they have passed away it’s normal to feel that they will come home to your Huntington Beach real estate one of these days. Even if your loved one had been suffering from an illness and you knew that they were going to pass away, it is still almost impossible to prepare yourself. The shock that usually hits someone after the death of a loved one can seem insupportable and it can seem to impact all aspects of your life. An experienced councillor can greatly improve the way you deal with this stage of bereavement.

Stage Two: Depression

The pain and grief that most people feel can be summed up in one word, depression, however, it goes well beyond a ‘normal’ depression. It is important to remember that we are all different and we will have different reactions. The depressed feeling that we go through makes some people cry almost non-stop, others may become introverted and want to withdraw from everyone and everything. Again in this case a councillor will assist in dealing with these feelings and in truly overcoming them in a shorter period of time.

Stage Three: Adjusting

After the death of someone that was close to you and that formed a part of your life, it is obvious that you will need to adjust your life. There will be a large void that will need to be filled. This causes confusion since one usually does not want to fill this void in with anything or anyone else. Talking with a counselor will help you explore what you are feeling and understand how to cope until you are able to fill that void.

Stage Four: Moving On

Closely related to — but not to be confused with — adjusting is moving on. This stage will probably be the last and take the longest. It may even seem imposable!

Moving on does not mean forgetting your loved one, it means being able to remember and honour them in the way that they would have wanted, without harming yourself. You might even want to go for the spreading ashes services if you can’t handle going through all the usual burial process.

If you or someone close to you is going through bereavement you really should take into consideration getting the professional help of a bereavement counselor. It will be well worth it!

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