Burial at Sea

Burial At Sea

At a Journey With Wings we scatter cremated remains by airplane.  Therefore, we get a lot of questions about Burial at Sea.  Most people think that all sea burials are done by boat, but a majority of our cremated remains scatterings are performed at sea.

Burial at Sea is the disposition of human remains in the ocean.  This can be scattering the ashes, burying the cremated remains in the urn, burial in the casket, or the body wrapped in a cloth.  If done by airplane, scattering the cremated remains is the only option.

How common is Burial At Sea aerial ash scattering?

Because of the high costs involved with conventional funerals services and traditional cemetery burials, ash scattering of remains has increased significantly over the last several years. Burial At Sea Aerial ash scattering is another affordable option available for final resolution of a loved ones remains..

The United States allows full body burials in its territorial waters, which is beyond three miles off the coast.  Within three miles, it is state territory.  Here in California, full body burial is not allowed within its territorial waters, but cremated remains may be scattered.  Cremated remains may be scattered 1500 yards off the coast.  This is a pretty close distance, so if the scattering is done by airplane, family and friends can view it from the ground on shore.

Why do people scatter ashes at sea?

The reasons vary from person to person and family to family. Generally, people select scattering of ashes at sea because they want to return to nature what nature created.

One of our most popular Burial At Sea scatterings is the “witnessed scattering“, in which an unlimited number of friends and family may gather at a pier or shore line and witness the plane release the cremated remains to the sea.  Families and friends gather at a day and time that they choose.  The cremated remains are released in full view of the gathering.  The ashes leave the plane and make an elegant twist in the air.  They are then carried away by the wind and eventually settle to the ocean below.  Some families bring balloons with messages written on them, and after the burial at sea scattering they release the balloons.  This makes for a memorable experience for all in attendance.

If you have any questions about burial at sea or other scattering options, please contact us at info@ajourneywithwings.com or (562) 691-7227.

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