Beatrice Adele Styles



Beatrice Adele Styles, “Bea” was born on February 21,1931. Bea was native Los Angeles resident who was beloved by her many friends and family.


I’m not sure if it was her Pisces nature that made her love the sea so much? Or the beautiful backyard that was her Pacific Ocean. Either way we always knew her final wish was to rest here in the blue southern California coastal waters. This is where she always found peace, in life and now in death.


Bea passed away on New Year’s Eve 2001. Leaving us all with a bang, that was her way of doing things, BIG. I’m sure the Lord had something to say about it but still…….The fact remains that it is not a wonder that the stars, or fate brought about the decision to spread her ashes in a way that had her soaring high above the area she loved so dearly. A seagulls cry, an angels wake, glitter in the air. That is my Mother, Beatrice.


Sunday May 18, 2013 Jamie Tanabe made my Mother’s last wish a dream come true. To her our deepest thanks. Jamie my Mom would have loved you, truly another native Californian who can appreciate the beauty of the jewel that is California.

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