Ashes 2 Air


Ashes 2 Air

I get asked how is scattering ashes by air different than scattering ashes by boat. The answer is simple, when you scatter by airplane you are releases the Ashes to the Air. It is more about the method of them being scattered into the air rather than scattered over a specific location. Some may drop to the earth below, while some may travel long distances.

 Ashes 2 Air-

While we do work hard to get permission to scatter over specific locations, for many of our families it is all about the ashes being released into the air. The ashes make an elegant twist in the air when they leave the plane and then disappear.


When scattering ashes by boat, they are released into the ocean, in one location. If the deceased was sea loving, and loved one particular part of the sea, this might be a good option for a family.


We also offer scattering at sea. Our scattering at sea is different in that we are releasing the ashes into the air above the sea. The beauty of this is that the family can watch the service from the ground, and not get on a boat, but still witness their loved-one being scattered at sea. This is perfect for large groups as boat services charge based on the size of the boat needed. This is also great if there are people in your group that get seasick. With a witnessed scattering at sea by air, everyone has thier feet firmly planted on the ground. You still get to experience the ocean. You will feel the ocean breezes, the seagulls chirping and hear the waves lapping.


When selecting a sea scattering service consider scattering by airplane, and releasing the ashes 2 air.





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  1. I’m checking on a air to ashes in Parker Arizona witnessed.. on the groud. But no one on board
    Ashes released for my husband .

    • HI Sherry. Sorry for the late reply. Did you find someone to do this flight for you?-Jamie

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