Ash Scattering in Front of the Santa Monica Pier

Asn Scattering Santa Monica PierAsh Scattering Santa Monica Pier.

One of our most popular locations for scattering ashes is in front of the Santa Monica Pier. This is an iconic California location. I can see why. With the iconic Boardwalk with rides and games and surfers beach goers all around. Most families who choose ash scattering in front of the Santa Monica Pier choose to stand at the end of the pier to watch the scattering. (Ash Scattering Santa Monica Pier)


For a pilot, this is an interesting location to be flying near. There are always banner towing aircraft and low flying helicopters. Not to mention the location is in Santa Monica Airport’s Airspace, and very close to LAX airspace.  It can be done, it’s just a little tricky.


Ash Scattering Santa Monica PierThe other day, we had a very interesting flight. Not only did we have the usual obstacles, but there was a Temporary Flight Restriction in the area because of Vice President Biden’s visit. To get around it, we had to get really close to LAX at a low altitude. It is this kind of flying that makes me so grateful for Air Traffic Control. Because of their help we were able to come through for our clients.

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