Ash Scattering Paperwork

Ash Scattering Paperwork


The other day I went to the Orange County Health Department to obtain a new Burial Permit for a Client. I was surprised to find a widow waiting. She was obtaining her own Burial Permit for an ash scattering. She was having her husband’s ashes scattered at sea by a local boat captain. He requires the clients to get their own Burial Permits. I thought this was really sad. I’m sure she had a lot to do at this time, obtaining her own ash scattering paperwork, shouldn’t be one of them.


I asked the clerk about this. He told me that I was the only ash scattering business that obtains the Ash Scattering Paperwork for their clients. There is a lot of ash scattering paperwork, I can’t imagine this is easy for a person who has never done this before.


First of all, there is the Burial Permit. Each decedent needs a Burial Permit that states where the cremated remains are going to be kept or scattered. If this they are going to be scattered over land somewhere, than they will need to obtain and show written permission from the land-owner or governing agency. I obtain this for the client as well.


After the scattering is over, you must mail the completed burial permit to both the Health Department where the death occurred and the Health Department for where the cremated remains were scattered. The EPA must also be notified.


As part of the ash scattering service for my clients, I obtain all the relevant ash scattering paperwork required before the scattering and file all the required paperwork after the scattering on their behalf. When choosing a company to work with, please ask them who obtains and files all the ash scattering paperwork.

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  1. I am bringing my parents ashes to Southern California, they died in Northern Ca in 2012 and 1999. Can you still do the paperwork to have them scattered by air down here.

    • Yes. The paperwork is obtained at the local Health Department. If you want me to do the scattering, then obtaining all the paperwork is included in the price. I hope that helps.

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