Ash Scattering Services

What We Offer

At A Journey With Wings, with our ash scattering services, we provide a personalized farewell with locations and participation options that are unique and budget friendly. Our ash scattering services can be un-witnessed, witnessed, and private.

Please read below about our ash scattering service packages. Contact us or call us at (562) 691-7227. We would be honored to help you.


Basic Ash-Scattering Service

Our un-witnessed ash scattering service is completed within 60 days of receipt of the cremated remains and is done on a date and time of our choosing.

You will be notified of the scheduled date of this un-witnessed ash scattering service. It includes  an invitation to the airport.  This allows family and friends to gather at the airport with flowers and/or flower petals to be scattered along with the ashes.

More than one scattering will take place on this flight, however, each scattering is performed discretely and individually.

You can bring flowers or other items that you would like to have us scattering (certain restrictions apply)

Service Includes:

  • Scattering at the location of your choice
  • Notification of scheduled date and time of scattering to allow you to come and watch the departure
  • One certificate commemorating the scattering (shows, date, time latitude, longitude, altitude and time).
  • Obtaining a New Burial Permit if needed
  • Filing of all required paperwork
  • A memorial of your loved one written on our memorial page

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Witnessed Ash-Scattering Service

handstoskyOur most popular service. This service allows loved ones to witness the scattering from the ground.

The witnessed ash scattering service is scheduled at a date and time of your choosing and allows for an unlimited number of friends and family to gather at the location in which the witnessed ash scattering will occur. This service creates a beautiful, lasting memory that brings closure with dignity and grace. All will view as the cremated remains are released into the air. They make an elegant trail behind the airplane. They sit on a cushion of air and then disappear. This flight can be coordinated to place with a memorial service on the ground. Click here to see a video from a Witnessed Ash-Scattering.

  • All services of the Basic Scattering Package PLUS Scheduled at a time of your choosing to allow for ground witnessing
  • Family has the option to be in radio contact with pilot performing the scattering.
  • $250 plus the cost of the basic service

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Private Ash-Scattering Service

aztec scatteringOur private ash scattering service gives you the option to directly participate in the ash scattering of your loved one’s ashes. The sole purpose of the flight is to scattering of your loved one.  Because no other scatterings take place during the flight, friends and family may come on board to participate and actually release the ashes themselves using our patented scattering device.   Please contact us for more details.

  • Includes all services of the private and Witnessed service
  • Includes one coordinate necklace ($130 value)
  • Family has the option to participate in the scattering on board the plane
  • $800 plus basic location cost

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Ash-Scattering Locations and Options

We can scatter cremated remains at sea or anywhere we can get written permission to do so. We specialize in Scattering over State Parks, National Parks, Conservancies or at Sea. Please choose from a list of our most popular locations or inquire about a location of your choice (restrictions apply).

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