Ash Scattering now being allowed in German State

Ash Scattering Now Being Allowed in One German State.

I found this article about ash scattering now being allowed in German state.

The parliament of the German city state of Bremen has voted to allow the ashes from a person’s cremation to be scattered on private properties, despite vehement criticism from opposition Christian Democrats and church figures.

The new regional law, which will go into force at the start of 2015, supercedes the previous legal requirement in Germany that ashes or other remains of a deceased person find their last resting place at an official cemetery.

There are still many restrictions, but it is a start.

A number of conditions must be met under the law change, including the existence of a written statement by the deceased person that his or her ashes should be scattered at a particular location. Someone must also be appointed to supervise the scattering and ensure that it takes place in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

In addition, the deceased person must have lived in Bremen as his or her last place of residence.

The ashes may also be scattered in rivers or parks, but with a special permit. Care must be taken, however, that none of the ash blows onto neighboring properties.

I find it interesting that the opposition was worried it would lead to “Privatization of Death and Grief”. In my opinion it should  be private.

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