Ash scattering- Malibu Bluff Park

Malibu Bluff ParkAsh Scattering- Malibu Bluff Park.

Malibu Bluff Park is a great place to witness an ash scattering over the ocean. This location is very special for many reasons. Malibu Bluff Park is on a cliff that overlooks the Malibu Beach. It is in front of the Peperdine University clock tower. There is beautiful green parks with benches for your family to sit on. It is a convenient place to access with plenty of free parking.

One of our most popular service is to witness a scattering over the ocean from the ground. Your family will have a lovely location to gather and witness from. The scattering will be timed so that it is done in full view of those on the ground. Just lovely.Malibu Bluff Park



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