Ash Scattering in Los Angeles

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flying over Los Angeles at dusk

Ash Scattering in Los Angeles

I am so lucky to get to offer Ash Scattering flights in Los Angeles. There are so many locations in Los Angeles to Scatter Ashes. Saturday we did a scattering off the Coast of Santa Monica. The family watched the ash scattering from Will Rogers State Beach. The scattering took place at Sunset. The colors of the sky were amazing.

To get to Santa Monica from Fullerton I had to fly over Downtown Los Angeles. I am always amazed by the beauty and vastness of the area.  We flew over Down Town Just before sunset. The lights of the city were just starting to appear.

We arrived on location just as the sun disappeared below the horizon. The colors of the sky were amazing. The combination of the of the colors of the sky, the colors of the lights, and the reflection off the water is truly special. I can tell why the family requested an ash scattering in Los Angeles.

Other great locations to Witness a an Ash Scattering in Los Angeles are from the Malibu Pier, the Manhattan Beach Pier and My favorite, the Point Fermin Light House. If you have any questions about this location or other Locations Please contact us.




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