Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach Ash (Cremated Remains) Scattering

Malibu Bluffs ParkScattering cremated remains by airplane off the coast of Malibu Beach is one of our more popular services. There are many wonderful locations to witness a scattering from the ground.

Many families choose to witness the scattering from Malibu Bluff Park. Malibu Bluff Park is a grassy knoll off of Hwy 1. There are park benches and walking trails. This location is in front of the clock tower for Pepperdine University.

Malibu Pier is also a very popular cremated remains scattering location. Families can gather at the end of the pier, or with their feet in the sand.

Gladstones Restaurant also makes a great location for witnessing an ash scattering by airplane from. Families will sometimes reserve a table by the window to view the scattering from, or make a reservation after the scattering.

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