Laguna Beach Cremated Remains scattering

Laguna Beach Ash (cremated remains) Scattering

Laguna Beach ash scattering, cremated remains scattering Laguan BeachLaguna Beach is a beautiful location for an ash scattering. With the rocky shore lines, sandy beaches and numerous tide pools, you will enjoy returning to this location to remember your loved one.

There are many wonderful locations to witness your Laguna Beach ash scattering from. The most popular is probably Heisler Park. There is a Veterans Memorial with a large American Flag and park Benches. Some families choose to witness the scattering from one of the many beach side restaurants. Las Brisas has been popular for this, and is easy for the pilot to spot with its bright orange umbrellas.

For families choosing our private Laguna Beach ash scattering, it is about a 40 minute round trip flight from the Fullerton Airport. All on board participate, one actually operates the scattering device.

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