Ash Scattering in San Diego

We are based in Southern California. We specialize in scattering of ashes in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino County, western Arizona, and Southern Nevada.

There are many wonderful places to choose from when scattering ashes in San Diego County. San Diego County has a very diverse landscape. San Diego County has Beaches, Mountains and Deserts.  Some of our most popular scattering locations are in San Diego County.

Ash Scattering in San Diego

La Jolla BeachThe beaches of San Diego County are some of the prettiest in the world. One of our most popular spots for viewing an ash scattering in San Diego is from Crystal pier in Point Loma, or Seal Rock in LaJolla. Families can stand out on the beach and watch as the plane flies by and releases the ashes. They make an elegant twist as they leave the plane, and then disappear.



Anza-BorregoIf you are a land lover, and want a recommendation for ash scattering in San Diego, may we recommend Anza Borrego Dessert State Park. It is known for it’s annual bloom of wild flowers. Come in March and Early April to see the blankets of color.


If you are interested in a location for ash scattering in San Diego that we have not mentioned, please give us a call.

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