Ash Scattering Flight video

sunset off the wingtip

Ash Scattering Flight Video

On Saturday evening I had the honor of scattering the cremated remains of the father of a family friend. The family requested the ash scattering flight to be off the coast of Ventura County at sunset.

I had a friend lend me his GoPro camera and thought this would be a good flight to see if we could get an ash scattering video.  The ash scattering video came out well.  You can see it here. The camera was mounted inside the plane facing rearward. You can clearly see the cremated remains coming out the back of the plane.

The family witnessed the service from the ground. We circled their location, which overlooks the Harbor. We then flew towards the coast and scattered in front of the Harbor.

The sky was clear on the day of the ash scattering flight video. The colors of the sky were amazing.

We hope to be able to offer this ash scattering flight video for future clients.

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