Ash Scattering Catalina Island


Ash Scattering Catalina Island- This weekend we had the most amazing ash scattering flight. The ash scattering was to take place at sea off the coast of Catalina Island. More specifically, off the coast of Two Harbors. The family chose the private scattering service, ash such, a family member could be on board as a crew member, to operate the scattering device. The clouds were high, and the wind was calm. It was late in the afternoon, so the sun played off these clouds in brilliant ways.

We flew along the coast of Catalina. The client scattered the cremated remains in front of Two Harbors. As we turned the plane back towards Two Harbors we could see the cremated remains just lingering there, right in front of Harbors, their chosen location.  The air was still allowing the cremated remains to just remain, in peace, floating. It was one of the most breath taking things I have witnessed doing this service.

Catalina2The client says it best “Thank you again Jamie for such a wonderful day and pictures to remember it by. They really turned out lovely. You can actually see my parents ashes in the last 2 pictures – one above the rock in the harbor and the other as they were floating to the harbor. The sunlight right before the Two Harbors is indescribable! It definitely was a heavenly day to remember and I so enjoyed being with both you and Kris. It couldn’t have been more perfect really and worth the wait!”-Joann

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