Please read what some of our clients are saying.

“Hello Jamie- Yesterday I received the beautiful plaque commemorating my brother’s scattering over the ocean near Dana Point. I want to thank you very much for your kindness, professionalism and sensitivity in handling the whole event. You hae taken a lot off my mind. I immediately felt comfortable with you and had no doubt that you’d do a wonderful job for us. My best regards- Karoline” 12/02/2017

Dukmajian Wilderness Park“When my aunt died, I had the task of finding out out to scatter her remains along with my uncle’s and their three scotties. She wished them to be scattered in the mountains near where they lived, in Glendale. The mortuary thought it would be difficult to have them scattered in the mountains and said the ocean would be easier. They really were not helpful on that subject.
Finding the website, “A Journey With Wings,” was a huge blessing to me. Jamie listened to what I wanted. She went above and beyond in helping me. She actually found a municipal wilderness park in Glendale she had never used before. She approached the park warden, who told her he needed to contact the city council. They approved the scattering in their park. It was perfect! It was in the mountains as my aunt and uncle wanted. It was also in the city they had lived in for so long.
My family had a memorial tea for my aunt and uncle. Afterwards, we drove five miles to the wilderness park for the scattering. We waited a few minutes and then Jamie’s airplane appeared. She had her partner, Kris, with her. They circled three times as we waved from below. Then the ashes were released in a long trail. When finished, Jamie and Kris waved good-bye to us by wiggling the plane. The weather was great, the setting beautiful.
I had never been involved with a scattering of remains before. Jamie walked me through it, told me what to do, step by step. She got the permits and permissions. It was a very touching ceremony for my family.
Thank you, Jamie.”
Huntington Beach








“Dear Jamie and Kris- Thank You for support during the planning process for the scattering of my parents ashes. It was memorable. Thank you for the photographs as well.”- Maria G. 11/14/2015


“Good Day Jamie,

Hope that this email finds you in good spirit and good health. I received the necklace and the memorial card a few weeks ago. I am very sorry that it took me a while to keep you posted. They are just so beautiful items that Journey with Wings with thoughtfulness made for us! Your kind gesture made me speechless with tears….I really treasure your gifts. I keep them next to Andy’s picture so that I can see everyday..

No words can be enough to express my thanks to you all of you. God bless your hearts, Jamie, Kris and Jennifer.

Sincerely,  S.Lam”  11/05/2015

“Hi Jamie,

I would like to send my heartfelt thanks for the spiritually beautiful service that you helped with scattering my son’s ashes over the Pacific Ocean!

Chris and Jennifer are the amazing pilots! I was so touched by their kind gesture and sympathy… Their calmness gave me the strength to pull through the most emotional moment…Journey with Wings has earned my full respect for the work you’ve done!” San 10/08/2015

“My family and I thank you for helping us fulfill our parents wishes. It was a beautiful and spiritual experience” – Chris K.


Dear Jamie, Thank you for the thoughtful and unexpected gift. The necklace arrived today and is much appreciated as a remembrance of my mother and her scattering. Your company provided a respectful and meaningful experience for our family at a time of grief and suffering. The flight and scattering gave each of us a sense of peace and closure. With Gratitude-Julie”


Dear Jamie, We are very grateful for the careful, professional, caring and thoughtful service you provided. You gave our family something special. What a worthwhile calling to be able to use flying you love in service to those who have a need.The name of your business stood out from all the others online. Your website attracted me further by being well written, offering a good range of choices, and having the right tone. In every way you furnished what we hoped we would find. Our trust was well founded.our family sends heartfelt thanks to you and your father for making a difficult time on of meaningful beauty.” -Lorna M.