Why Scatter by Airplane.

legal ash scattering locations.

 5 reasons it is better to scatter ashes at sea by airplane than by boat




  1. It is easy to get to the location– to witness a scattering at sea by airplane the family only needs to drive to the location.
  2. It is convenient to return to the location to remember. No need to charter a boat to return to remember their loved one. When a family member would like to return to the location to remember their loved one, they only need to drive to the locations and remember their loved one.
  3. An un-limited number of family and friends can witness the scattering. Unlike a boat charter that gets more expensive by size of your group, there is no limit to the number of people who can participate.
  4. Scattering at sea by airplane takes less time than scattering by boat. We will schedule a day and time to be overhead. We circle twice and then release the cremated remains are released from the airplane in full view of all those in attendance. It takes only a few minutes unlike a boat charter that will take you a majority of the day. This allows you to continue with your memorial. Families may choose to gather at a restaurant before or after the scattering.
  5. Nobody gets sea-sick. Some people cannot be on a boat without getting sick. This is very inconvenient for people who would like to witness the scattering. By scattering by airplane, and witnessing from the ground, all loved ones only need to stand firmly on the shore, pier or bluff to witness the release over the ocean.

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