A Journey With Wings

Ash scattering by Airplane in the Los Angeles basin.

Click picture for a video of a scattering flight.

Scattering of Ashes by Airplane

Cremated remains are released into the wind and set free on a final journey. We specialize in the scattering of ashes over State Parks, National Parks, Conservancies and at sea.

Celebrate life

Say good-bye in a memorable and meaningful way. This is a memorial that is as unique as your loved one. As one of our clients put it “It is a beautiful closure to a beautiful life”. We will scatter your loved one’s ashes over a location that is meaningful, a place you will want to return to again and remember your loved one.

“Dear Jamie and Kris- Thank You for support during the planning process for the scattering of my parents ashes. It was memorable. Thank you for the photographs as well.”- Maria G. 11/14/2015

Where we are

We are based in Southern California. We specialize in scattering of ashes in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara County, The Sierra Nevada, Western Arizona, and Southern Nevada.  Please visit our locations page for a list of popular locations.

Serving Families For 15 years!

Founded in 2002 by a father-daughter pilot team. We learned to fly together and we love working together!

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